Important announcement :

Our service was founded almost 6 years ago

We have founded service as extra secured VPN for professionals in 2012 and more than 15,000 clients used our product.

Unfortunately, our current backend infrastructure cannot be updated or refactored in a proper way and the only way to keep this service working is to develop the new one. As well, our team needs to be focused on our new project ( development that will change all you know about VPN and privacy protection.

Our company decided to move all subscribers to our better and more advanced VPN product - and to close 5vpn brand.

We have generated premium accounts on for every user. More options available including browser extensions and mobile apps that you haven't seen on our old brand.

To get premium account you need to use password recovery option with your email registered on

Please use this link - Recovery account

Our support team always happy to help. Please contact us via this email only

Sincerely yours,
Privatix / 5vpn Team